4PCNT 18K enthousiasm: Learnfun lesson about heightmeters

The Wezep Trailrun had made my trailrun spark into a real flame. I was looking for a 21K training schedule and I signed up for a longer event in Arnhem, at night, with around 400 altitude meters. Maybe something too ambitious? My attitude was that at least I could just try it.

To make as many height meters as possible I went up and down the hills in the local park. But an increase of 6 meters will never prepare your body for longer climbs. on various sites I tried to find information about how to prepare a competition with more altimeters. That is quite difficult if you do not know the underlying training ideas, I have to confess afterwards.

In the meantime I had an account on Strava and there I found an extremely interested community and people who intensively played sports and also encouraged each other. That was a huge incentive to keep up with my running sessions. But also to show what I was capable of. And there is a pitfall for me right away. Because you can still want so much, but if you pass your body you can not go any further.

During the race I have been able to go through reasonably well, maybe even slightly above my pace and intensity. The event was also a very special experience that would not have been missed. Still some of my most loyal Strava followers are some of the runners who have met during the 4PCNT. 4PCNT stands for the 4 Park City Night Trail in Arnhem: https://4parkencitytrail.com/4parken-city-night-trail/ The event takes place through four Arnhem parks in the middle of the night. That means I had to walk with a light. On the 18 kilometers there were a number of nursing posts and a very special climb with a whole row of lights along the stairs. Very special. Canicrossers also participated, with their dogs.

I was very proud and proud to have been able to do this unique course in the Netherlands. But at the same time I have learned that it’s essential to listen better to my body. The days after the 4PCNT and probably because of too much training with a sudden increase in intensity, I suffered from a shin splint, or a tibia inflammation.

That certainly took a number of weeks. This injury was also the immediate reason to become a member of AV Hollandia in Hoorn so that I would no longer train as an unguided missile. I am still very careful with training or sudden intensification of my activities.

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